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Case Study:

Smart Rota - Game Changer Testimonials 

We came up with the idea that, if a butter is seriously delicious, and it was served to you in a restaurant as you sit down, would you need to order anything else? And if you didn't need to order anything else, what would the chef do with the time off? And so "the Lazy Chef" was born.

An ambitious project with lots of extras and actors, we needed to convey a sense that the restaurant was heavingly busy and that the kitchen was, by comparison, blissfully peaceful. Our cheeky chef, played by James Sloan, was where we derived our humour, and a lot of fun was had thinking of silly things he could do with his time not cooking; from buliding 3D puzzles, learning Japanese, to mini putt and sitting in a foot spa.

The client:

At the time of making this ad, Pepe Saya were a medium sized, owner-run business manufacturing and selling delicious artisanal cultured butter in Australia for Australian and international markets. They were continuing to grow since our first TVC with them and they came back to us looking to do round 2!

The brief:

The difficult second album!

Off the back off the great success of the previous TVC we made for them they wanted something to continue the momentum and keep Pepe Saya at the forefront of their customers minds. They loved what we did the first time round (check it out here) and wanted to maintain the humorous and charming/disarming vibe as they continued to position themselves within both the Australian and global market for cultured butter.

The one piece of messaging they wanted us to consider was that their butter is different to regular butter. Cultured butter has its own very unique flavour profile that changes and evolves, and so really we were to aim at conveying how delicious the product is.

The plan:

The result:

We had another hit on our hands, though serving a different purpose for the client as we found them at a different stage in their growth. Now pushing into the USA in a serious way as well as Dubai and Asia, the Pepe Saya brand may soon pop up in a store near you. 

We're currently in talks with them with regards to a 3rd instalment as well as a very exciting new project for their recently acquired peanut butter brand "Chunky Dave's". So watch this space!

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