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Plucky Films Logo - Video production Agency - St Albans

Making advertising better, one video at a time, since 2017.

Plucky Films uses video production to make marketing, and being marketed to, better for everyone, one video at a time.

We do this with creativity, expertise and a positive, dynamic, PLUCKY attitude.

We love the work we do, the clients we work with and the amazing people we work alongside! Perhaps you'll join us?

Meet the Founder

Hello! My name is Toby Laurence.

I originally trained as an actor, and still to this day I'm probably best known for my ongoing portrayal of Freddie Pargetter in BBC Radio 4's The Archers

(Ambridge 'till I die!). It's a career and an art form that I absolutely love and will always have massive amounts of passion for. But... as a lowly performer you are very much at the behest of other people. The 'gate keepers' if you will. You're constantly auditioning, looking for work, and hoping that someone will throw you a bone and cast you in their next big project.

But waiting around and letting everyone else come up with the ideas just isn't my style baby! So as graduation from my acting school loomed, staring down the barrel of a scary, uncertain world as a self-employed jobbing actor, I bought a camera and tentatively set about calling myself a filmmaker - Plucky Films was born.

And oh how far we've come! Since founding the company in 2017 we've grown from a one-man-band (me!) to a full spectrum video production agency employing sets of 60+ people and helping clients from across the globe tell their stories and reach more customers.


Truth be told - I hate advertisingUnless it's done RIGHT. And I just love the challenge of looking at a client's goals and creating a strategy and a solution that smashes those targets out the park, without resorting to tired old half-cocked ideas and aesthetics.

I'm sure we can all remember those few amazing ads that genuinely made you laugh, or think, or simply doff your cap at their wit and visual brilliance (ask me what my favourites are if you're interested). They don't feel fake, or tricksy, or sickly, or pushy, or wooden, or patronising! They're a breath of fresh air in a world of attention seeking white noise and background radiation. And this is what we set out to achieve for our clients as they take the next step in growing their brand.

And so it comes back to acting, performance, and all the world's a stage. You have to put on a show! You have to give an audience their money's worth so they don't leave in the interval. Whether you're making a homepage video telling your customer who you are and what you're about, or a glossy commercial that slaps the audience round the face with your branding, you must, always, give the people what they want or they'll feel short changed.

I know what it's like to sit on both sides of the camera, and I've built our team and our vision around combining these two worlds to create beautiful, impactful, resonant pieces of fantastic and functional cinema that help our clients do something different, take on the world, and look good doing it.

Plucky Films - Video Production - Toby Laurence - The Archers
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