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Plucky Films Logo - Video production Agency - St Albans


  • We're different because we are us.

    That's it. 

    Everyone will tell you that they are the best, that they use the best equipment and focus on ROI and all that jazz. Well yeah. We do that too.

    But what makes us different is us. Our style. Our desire to break from the norm. Our personality. All the things that make us who we are that no one else can replicate. And you either like that, or you don't. And either way it's all gravy baby.

    We are as special and as unique as everybody else... in our own little way. 


    And we'd love to help you get the world loving you, for being you.

  • Depending on the type, length, production value, turn around, casting, quantity etc, the price of video(s) range enormously; and until we've worked out the problem you're trying to solve, what metrics you're hoping to measure your success by and what the resulting best course of action to achieve that is, it's hard to really say.

    But... that's no use to you here in the FAQ section! 


    So below are some ballpark figure ranges so you can roughly gauge the level of investment you're likely to be looking at.

    Corporate Videos/ Promotional Videos: 

    £5,000 - £20,000

    (£8,000 - £10,000 average)

    Commercials (TV/Cinema/High Profile Online):  

    £40,000 - £200,000

    (£75,000 - £100,000 average)

    Explainer Videos:

    £2,000 - £10,000

    (£3,500 -£6,000 average)

    Social Media Content Videos (Per Month):

    £2,000 - £10,000

    (£2,000 - £5,000 average)

    With all that said, the best way of finding out what things might cost you will always be getting in touch and having a chat with us.

  • Video strategy and brand strategy are very much cut from the same cloth. 

    It's not uncommon for us to be told by a client that "we want a video", "we want to post it on x and look like y". And although these predetermined conclusions may well be correct, our duty of care and best practice for serving our clients' best interests to the best of our ability involves a crucial first step of asking - "Why?"

    Video is expensive, and we're certainly not the cheapest agency out there, so it's very important to us that money spent in this area proves to be a good investment for you, and the best way to achieve this is by spending time initially on brand and video strategy.

    What are your goals? What do you want to achieve at the end of this process? Do you want traffic? Sales? Brand recognition? Customer email addresses? Where are you positioning yourself in the market? What is it that you intend to use as a metric of success?


    The answers to all of these questions and more will help us determine an appropriate course of action that gives the greatest chance of being successful. No strategy. No dice.

  • Put simply, "are we right for each other" is an acknowledgment that we're not for everyone.


    And we think that's great! There are plenty of other agencies out there offering video production to choose from should we not click. They do some great work and you should check them out!


    What we love doing is working with brands and businesses to change things up. It's what we're passionate about. It's what gets us excited and delivers you our best work. We like to take (calculated) risks and make bold decisions for our clients, be that through the use of comedy or truly stunning visuals, or just by taking a look at your market and doing something nobody else is doing.

    We also restrict the number of clients we work with to 6 at any one time. This is to make sure we can focus and obsess about the work we are doing without spreading ourselves too thin.

    But please remember, we are actively asking "are we right for each other?" because we want to know. We want to meet new people and work with new and exciting brands who share our ethos and passion.


    So if you think that's you then please do let us know! 

  • We have a 5 step process that we go through with all of our clients and projects, which, put simply, works out something like this:

    1) Discovery Call.

    This is all about working out if we can even help you. We're not about just nodding our head and flogging you a video if that's not what is best for you and your brand. We need to get to know you and figure out if what we do is what you need and what sort of budget we need to help you solve your problem.

    2) Strategy.

    Assuming we're all tickedy boo and we can offer you a solution we then need to deep dive into the minutiae of your brand, your business, your customer, your positioning, and your messaging relative to your desired outcomes and budget. From this process we'll then take all of that information and get to work cranking our creative gears and put together a plan of action.

    3) Pre Production.

    Here we write scripts, storyboard, chose colour palettes, cast actors, hire crew, recce locations, yadda yadda yadda, ready for the next phase.


    4) Production.

    This is where it all hits the proverbial fan. Cameras roll, lights shine, actors act. Everything we've done so far comes together and like hunters on a hunt we're looking to bag us a memory card full of cinematic big game. 

    5) Post Production.

    The edit begins. Frame by frame, brick by brick with story as a foundation. Martin Scorsese famously said, "If you don't get physically ill seeing your first rough cut, something is wrong." He said this because the process is an art in itself and can be painstaking if you really pour your heart and soul in to getting it absolutely right; which we do. The edit is not to be underestimated!

    Next - sound design. Copyright free music, sound fx, dialogue, background cleanup. Try watching something you love but with the sound off and you'll realise how important sound design really is.


    And finally, colour. Ah colour. Something so easily overlooked by those who aren't familiar with the film making process. This stage of grading the footage is the glue that ties it all together. If you want your video to stand out against everybody else, this step is not one to miss. It's here that you dial in your overall look. The feel of your piece. The texture, depth, character of the visual language. Once you've had a video properly graded, you'll never go back.

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