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Video to PLUCK up your ideas

Plucky by name - Plucky by nature! - From our agency base in St Albans we specialise in helping brands and businesses dramatically up their game with high quality video production.

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Shake things


You're alive. You're kicking. You're fine... but what now? How do you step things up to the next level? At Plucky Films We believe the answer is flip the script!

There are gaps in the market everywhere you look. Advertising that's boring, or disingenuous, or cheesy, or straight up annoying! Well great! We recognise these absolute turkeys as your opportunity - to be better! 

Be funny, be stunning, be self deprecating, be inspiring, be big, be bold, be PLUCKY!


If you're ready to think outside the dross,

let's roll camera and start some fires



The good stuff

What's Your BIGGEST ISSUE right now?

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Brand Messaging Video Production - St Albans

We know we've got it right. We're ready for market domination! If the world only understood...

They're Not Getting It!

Brand Building Video Production Hertfordshire

You've got a solid brand, a great product and your customer base loves it. If only there was a way you could plant your brand firmly into the minds of the masses 🤔...

Low Brand Recognition

You're looking around you at your competitors and you know you've got something they don't. It's time to step out from the herd and get heard.

Lost in The Pack

Impactful Video Production - St Albans - Hertfordshire


The first thing we need to do is figure out what do you want? What does success look like to you when this is all over? More customers? More exposure? More traffic? More trust? - How much more? How quickly? How badly do you want it? With this clarity of your desired outcome we can then move forward with a confident strategy that fits you, your brand, your business, and your audience perfectly.


There are countless ways to make an IMPACT with video production. This all depends on you, your style, your industry, your competitors, your goals, your budget, your bravery, your propensity for risk! What it doesn't depend on is our limits. If we can dream it, we can make it happen. Some companies boast that their whole production team is in-house. Frankly, we think that is rhubarb. Sure our in-house creatives are the cat's pyjamas, obviously.... but we're proud to have spent years developing relationships and a reputation that allows us to call upon the best, waviest wave makers and creatives in their fields to make sure your video, whatever we dream of together, absolutely BANGS!


“We highly recommend Plucky Films. Toby and the team are easy to work with, understand what you are after and create great final product..”

Pepe Saya Butter,
Sydney AUS


“PF recently created some installation videos for us. We were amazed by the quality and attention to detail. They were able to translate a complex process into a clear step by step guide. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.”

Uponor UK


"We've worked with PF now for over 4yrs and I would highly recommend them. Toby is a fantastic team player, very creative, patient and enthusiastic always willing to work hard and goes above and beyond for his clients. He's great at all genres and is very encouraging and fun, especially taking the time to get things right. He's made a TV advert for us, company videos and social media content all with the same gusto and enthusiasm."

Nabil Assaf
Co-Founder - Urban Front

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Let's find out

if we're right for eachother!

We realise that we're not for everyone. And we think that's ok.

We're not a huge team. We're not cheap. We're opinionated and contrary. 

We love to build long-term working relationships with our clients and achieve great things together.

As a result, our client list is small and perfectly formed and if we're a good fit we'd love nothing more than to add you to it. So let's have a coffee? 

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