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Case Study:

Urban Front - About Us

Why do we chose one designer over another? How the finished product looks, sure, but often its more down to how we feel about the origin of the design, the personality and values and passion of the designer themselves, and knowing how much genuine love Elizabeth and Nabil have for their products, process, and their journey, it was clear that an "about us" video was the way to go. 

A fully unscripted and off camera interview was the place to start, where, based on prior conversations of what was important to cover, we extracted in a very natural way every detail of their story. It was so important to do it this way to ensure we got a truly authentic and unfiltered feel for who they are and how that maps onto their business. 

We then took this and constructed a day in the life style walk through of their day, to show the workshop, their amazing house, (built and designed by them), and how they interact with their team to produce their products. We wanted to show how they live and breathe doors and design, and that, as a couple, they pour their love and passion into every project they work on. 

The client:

So much about this business is linked to the story of its founders. A husband and wife who started out 20 years ago by making their own door in response to struggling to find a contemporary door in the market and have since build their baby into a thriving UK manufacturing and design brand. 

They needed a video to put on their website as all they had up to this point was a few interviews they had done with local newspapers etc and it was time they took control of how they would present themselves in video form. They were keen to get across that the whole process of manufacture occurs in their own workshop in Buckinghamshire and that their hands-on approach to the whole process is what enables them to deliver such incredible products to their clients.

The plan:

The result:

Urban Front are an owner/founder run company based in Buckinghamshire, UK, where they design and manufacture beautiful bespoke doors for high-end projects our of hardwoods, steel and bronze.

The final product is a warm, charming and contemporarily stylish deep dive into the inner working of Urban Front. Their doors are expensive and so we knew this video would become a resource that customers considering a purchase would turn to in their research phase in order to establish whether they align with Urban Front and their values, and Elizabeth and Nabil were very happy that it accurately reflects them and their product.

Since making this video for them their business has continued to grow from strength to strength, and we maintain an active working relationship with them to this day.

The brief:

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