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Case Study:

Smart Life - How Will You Grow Old?

The product itself was BIG. A really difficult idea to convey in a short window of time and in a way that felt ultra premium. So we had to dial down in to what it was that we wanted to get across to people that would encourage them to get in contact with our clients where they could be given the more in-depth detail about the product.

It dawned on us that really, what this was about was what the results of the product would give back to its clients. The years of healthy interactions with their family, their spouse, their children. The ability to do the things that they have worked their whole life to be able to afford. All these things are what can tragically be taken away through mobility or health issues, and that, if it were possible, people would do almost anything to get back. 

It may have felt like we were taking quite a hard line with this. But the truth always came back to fact that this was a huge offer. This was a game changing proposition that, without acknowledging its gravitas could have easily come across as trite and unbelievable. We needed people to consider their own mortality and how much they value the things that make up their life.

We were the first company to hire the new Atlas Orion Anamorphic lenses and did so to lean in to a nostalgic and textured feel. Using match cuts to jump between two parallel universes, a powerful VO from the amazing Charles Collingwood, and a rich colour grade by Alex Gregory (at the time at The Mill) we carefully constructed a piece of stunning visual impact that reached deep into the chest of viewers and pulled directly on their heart strings.  

The client:

Smart Life were on the cutting edge of providing something that, at the time, wasn't being done by anyone else. Put simply, their field of expertise is pro-active, gene based, preventative medicine, combining technologies and practices from labs all around the world to provide a future that before recently was the thing of science fiction. 

Telomere, NAD replenishment, and gene profiling are but a handful of the techniques combined into this extremely premium service that promises to not only extend the lifespan of its patients, but to increase what hey call 'healthspan'; that is, as opposed to spending the last years of your life sick and ailing, instead to spend your last years vital and flourishing.

The brief:

Offered within a chain of premium central London health and medical practices and clinics, the video was commissioned to try and create intrigue and encourage customers to enquire about the service. The service itself was completely new at the time and fairly complex in both it's content and supporting evidence and so conveying the scientific details involved was not necessary for this stage of the sales funnel. The intended usage for the video would be to play in clinic waiting rooms as well as in correspondence with their mailing list of potential clients who were potentially able to afford the service. It would also sit on their website. 

Still to this day one of the most cinematic pieces we have ever made the result is something we are very proud of. It's not subtle and it hits hard, but for our client this is what they needed. We are called Plucky Films for a reason because we encourage and support our client in making big decisions and bold statements in whatever way best suits their needs and in this case we really showcased our ability to occupy a visually impressive space.

The client was blown away by the results, far exceeding their expectations and went on to commission various other projects with us across the breadth of their business.  

The plan:

The result:

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