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Case Study:

CoolSculpting - Michele's Story

The obvious solution here was to create a testimonial style video that featured someone who had actually had the procedure and got on with their life. We therefore sought to cast an actor who would we receptive of a free treatment and fit the demographic of someone that was in no way excessively overweight but who, in this case, following child birth, had hard to lose areas of excess fat that she would appreciate help with.


We really wanted to create a warm and positive feel to the video, casting also for her to bring with her her son and big fluffy dog! We hired a lovely location that supported our homely, approachable feel so as to keep away from the more classic, bright white clinical look, and lit with strong tungsten accenting through the windows and large, soft, Delbonnel-esqu lighting across the face. 

The interview was not scripted and instead we chose to roll camera for longer and allow Michele to tell her story naturally, asking questions to tease out of her the key points we needed to cover.

The client:

The Smart Clinics are a chain of private medical clinics with clinics from the City of London to Chelsea and Kensington, and they approached us to make them a video showcasing their latest offering at the time, CoolSculpting. The key benefits of CoolSculpting as a treatment for weight loss was that it was a fully non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that did not require any downtime after the treatment session. 

The brief:

The brief here was aimed at introducing the concept of what, at the time, was a fairly unknown new treatment, and positioning it in a way that made it appear accessible and not so much of an extreme solution as, say, liposuction. CoolSculpting is not designed for extreme weight issues, but more for targeting hard to shift areas of localised fat, and as such caters to a large potential customer base; at the end of the day a lot of us could probably do with a little shifting from somewhere.

The client was very pleased with what we produced and used it throughout their practices on loop in the waiting rooms, as well as online and in direct email marketing runs. We think the moments of truth and connection we captured between Michele and her son feel very honest and authentic, giving the whole piece a wholesome feel that supports both the serious nature of Michele's story as well as the offer of a solution the product is presenting to its customers.

The plan:

The result:

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