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Plucky Films is a production company based in London and Hertfordshire.

This is the new media age. And we are the new storytellers. Our global ambitions are driven by a stellar team of experienced creatives... and you better believe it.



Our broadcast division will produce world-class documentaries with compelling storytelling at
its heart. Returnable, multipart series across all genres aimed at domestic and international
broadcasters. Above all, our films will be thought provoking and bear the hallmarks of our
passion for TV. The Plucky entertainment slate will be innovative, inspiring and uplifting.



We have a multi-award-winning corporate and branded commercial division ready to bring creative solutions to businesses and organisations of all sizes. Every enterprise has a story to tell and we employ our expertise as narrative filmmakers to deliver your message in a fresh, surprising and impactful way. Together, we'll build your brand and inspire audiences with captivating, memorable content. Take risks. Leave your mark.


Tom Gaisford

Assistant Producer


Justin Scher-Smith


sean headshot 1.jpg

Sean Patel-Gould



Elizabeth Kinder

Head of Music

Richard Allen

Richard Allen

Consultant Cinematographer

Joe Presser

Joe Presser

Head of Animation

Meet The Team

Toby Laurence

Toby Laurence

Founder / CEO / Creative Director

Vijay Mavgee

Vijay Mavjee

Head of TV Division / Creative Director

Brenda Emmanus

Brenda Emmanus

Head of Arts and Culture


Ceri Smith

Consultant Production Manager

Anezah Chmoloba

Office Manager

Dillon the dog


Office Dog


Peter Hamilton

Non-Executive Director


Kieth Chapman

Non-Executive Director

steve Burns.jpeg

Steve Burns

Non-Executive Director

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