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It's never JUST an interview

We've all seen those corporate videos that just look like corporate videos. Stale, wooden interviews, flat lighting, and generally less creative substance than the Inland Revenue. At Plucky Films, we can't be doing with that rubbish. If you need a corporate video that your audience will actually want to watch, you've come to the right place.

Corporate Video Division

Plucky Films has a rich history as a creative agency creating corporate videos for a wide variety of companies and enterprises of all shapes and sizes, and we consider ourselves to be experts in the field.

When you say "corporate video", most people will immediately conjure in their mind the video equivalent of elevator musac; generic, wooden, stultified talking heads of people who have never before delivered a script, delivering a script like they are at gun point! This is something we actively avoid.


That's not to say we don't shoot interviews. Are you kidding?! We love interviews! But our experience as documentary film directors and indeed actors (Toby, we're talking about you) means we know exactly how to get natural, authentic performances out of even the most reluctant of subjects. 

We also don't skimp on the cinematography just because it's a corporate flick. We still want our audience to want to watch and engage with your film. Beautiful imagery, crisp sound, slick graphics and efficient storytelling are the things that will achieve that. 

So whether it's simple interviews, complex infographic animations, or a bit of both, Plucky Films' multi-award winning corporate video division have just the team you need to make your video pop.

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